Special Announcement!

We are delighted to announce that a study on the Tamarkoz Method has been published today by the leading natural sciences, medicine and engineering peer-reviewed journal, Scientific Reports.

Review the study on their site via the link below

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The Tamarkoz® method is the art of self-knowledge through concentration and meditation.

Our free exercises are gathered for your ease of reference, to help you achieve peace of mind and heart, especially during these times that some might be experiencing more anxiety than before. To enable you to gain the most benefit, we have included in this free selection an exercise from each of our categories: Stress Relief, Focus Better, Sleep Well, and Daily Practice.

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Those who have attended our 10-week Tamarkoz class at UC Berkeley have said the following about their experience with Tamarkoz:

Tamarkoz has allowed me to take my concentration to a new level by adding balance and by redirecting my focus towards my body’s natural energy sources.

Adam G

Tamarkoz has been a life-changing experience for me. Not only has it provided me with new perspectives regarding life and knowledge, it has also shown me the path to reaching self-cognition. It is this tangible path and Tamarkoz's ability to help one tackle the source of all unknowns –the self –that makes me appreciate this class.

Bonnie H

Meditation through the principles of Tamarkoz and Sufism has allowed for me to reach the greatest sense of unity and peace within my life. I feel as though I am a significantly more balanced person and, in numerous ways, have been able to come to peace with myself.

William B

This Tamarkoz class was honestly life-changing. Having battled immense anxiety since coming to college, I was looking for any strategy I could find to finally gain some relief. Tamarkoz meditation served as kind of a spark that led to a significant decrease in my anxiety and an increase in my quality of life.

Jeremy L

"True meditation connects us with the fundamental unity of everything in the universe."

Professor Nader Angha
Theory I: The unlimited vision of leadership