Self-care, stress management, promoting healthy routines” are emphasized throughout this month by many. People tend to neglect themselves in their life, which is why the emphasis on wellness and self-care have become popular. You might think it all sounds cliché…theoretically it’s nice, but how do we sustainably apply wellness in our life?

It’s different for each person. But what is wellness?

What does wellness mean for you? Take a minute to respond. (30 seconds to think about it, and another 30 for a response). Before you say, “I don’t know. I don’t like green juices, and I don’t have time for bubble baths,” – which by the way, totally relatable, I don’t either- please read below:

Wellness routines need to be uniquely yours because it has to be fulfilling for you. Wellness modalities are not a one-size-fits-all. The efforts include gathering tools, learning skills, techniques, and resources to take better care of yourself.

For some people self-care is saying kinder words to themselves. Or placing protective boundaries. Keeping away from toxicity with people and influences. Learning to say, “No,” to protect your time and energy. Or perhaps you may need practice saying “Yes,” more often to opportunities, to adventures, or to your own needs.

Many of us are on cruise-control in daily actions. Just getting through the day without a moment to notice our needs. Do you recognize stress in your body? What are some signs if you experience it? Do you notice negative self-talk? If so, can you allow yourself to pause and counter-it? Are you constantly compromising yourself in trying to make others happy? What causes you to fall off balance? What brings you health and wellness? To take better care of ourselves, we have to know ourselves first. Only then, can we truly know our needs so we can properly address them.

“Okay fine,” you say. “Is there a practical implication? It still all sounds theoretical.”

Drumroll please: Presenting the Tamarkoz Method of Meditation. The art of self-knowledge through concentration and meditation.

What does it mean to get to know yourself? Let’s start with the A,B,C’s of the Tamarkoz method.

Awareness, Balance and Control.

The first step is developing Awareness in Tamarkoz. We mean, awareness of how you feel physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. If you have awareness of all aspects of yourself, then you will notice when you feel off balance. Tamarkoz provides techniques and skills to help bring Balance to you and gain Control of yourself. These learned techniques can be placed in your wellness toolbox along with other modalities, skills, and resources that you know help bring balance to your life. As a method, Tamarkoz can be applied in daily life. Stress reduction is not the goal of the practice, it’s a side effect of it.

To give a realistic example, let’s say you’re driving on the highway listening to your favorite jam. Someone suddenly cuts you off just barely causing a collision. Whew! Your entire body tenses. And now you’re angry from the thoughtless driver! Gosh, you may even hold on to that tension and emotional charge throughout the day.

To apply the A,B,C of Tamarkoz in this scenario, when we have developed awareness then we can bring ourself back to balance as soon as possible. Your fight or flight response was rightfully fired up! Yes, that accident was a close call!! But you made it through. You are safe. You notice your shoulders clinched up close towards the ears…. consciously, slowly you begin to drop them. You become aware of the tight grip of your fingers around the steering wheel and relax them. Your breath is short and fast…. But now you consciously begin deep breathing techniques that calm your nervous system and your mind. As you relax the body and the mind, and gather dissipating energy, you regain balance and have control over yourself.

If you not yet experienced Tamarkoz, it’s an exciting time to try it. Why? Because it’s available to you, at the tip of your fingers, in the comfort of your own home, at any time that works best for you. These sessions were previously only taught in certain locations around the world. Enrollment capacity was limited. And classes were not available daily. Now access to the Tamarkoz classes is within reach and is an incredible experience for many. Simple techniques that can provide subtle, yet powerful results. Have no expectations. You won’t ascend to the sky. What you experience is getting to know yourself and how to take better care of yourself. Takes you out from “cruise-control” tasking into actively living a life that brings you balance and optimal health. All Tamarkoz instructors are approved by the Sufi Master of M.T.O. Shahmaghsoudi to instruct the class.

For those who practice Tamarkoz techniques regularly as a meditation practice, consider how the practice has benefited you beyond meditation time. What have you noticed about your lifestyle? Your decisions? Your posture? Your awareness of subtle changes with profound effects? Your response to circumstances outside your control? The depth of your breathe? Your self-confidence? Your ability to shift perspective? Your playfulness? Other?

For those just starting Tamarkoz, check our tips below on how to develop it into a wellness routine for yourself.

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