The art of self-knowledge through concentration and meditation. This heart-focused practice is unique to the M.T.O. Shahmaghsoudi School of Islamic Sufism and is rooted in the 1400-year-old tradition of Sufism. Professor Sadegh Angha and Professor Nader Angha, the current master of the M.T.O. school, developed Tamarkoz in its current form.

It harmonizes all aspects of your being; your body, breath, senses, thoughts, and innate energies so that you can re-cognize your true identity and can live in balance. These exercises teach you to release stress, focus, and gain a better understanding of yourself.

Key Techniques of Tamarkoz:

  • Mind Relaxation:

    Develops control of the neural circuitry of the brain, consciously slowing down brain waves. This halts habitual interfering thought patterns, diminishes emotional reactions, and prepares us physically and mentally for concentration.
  • Meditative Movements (Movazeneh®):

    Movazeneh® is the Sufi art of balancing and harmonizing the body and mind. It includes specific postures as well as slow-motion movement exercises which are done in coordination with our breath and with complete concentration. Movazeneh is one of the five techniques of Tamarkoz, and Tamarkoz® as a whole aligns, balances, and harmonizes the energy fields of the body so that one becomes receptive and in harmony to realize his/her hidden abilities.
  • Breathing Exercises:

    Focuses on increasing respiratory capacity and controlling the rhythm and duration of breathing. This ensures maximal oxygenation, helps to regulate other vital processes, and reduces reactivity.
  • Deep Relaxation:

    Teaches muscular control, and means of relieving tension and reducing stress. This allows the body to recuperate and revitalize when you just want to experience the overall benefits of Tamarkoz.
  • Visualization/Imagery:

    Replaces critical, negative thought patterns with more positive, healing images which encourage hope, vitality, motivation and creativity. Also provides neurological and sensory training which enables us to learn to focus like a laser beam on a single point on the heart.

After you have mastered the above five techniques of concentration, you can then experience Heart Tamarkoz, which is the ultimate goal and final step in the Tamarkoz method. In Heart Tamarkoz one reaches a complete state of concentration, where one is focused on one single point in the heart. By unifying the brain waves with the heart, the student becomes aware and focused only on this one central point.

The inspiration you seek is already within you. Be silent and listen.