Heart Focused:

The mind, similar to a computer, is constantly processing and rearranging gathered data. Therefore, most meditative practices focus on quieting it down in order to gain momentary serenity. Tamarkoz not only quiets the mind, but goes a step further and focuses on the heart which is the seat of knowledge. It is from the heart where inspiration, guidance, and a long lasting sense of peace emerges. By concentrating on the heart, one not only feels serene, but taps into the source of their being that is more than just mental fluctuations.

Works with the Electromagnetic Energy Centers of the Body:

According to the teachings of M.T.O. Shahmaghsoudi, the human body is equipped with 13 major electromagnetic energy centers. Tamarkoz® aligns, balances, and activates the energy fields of the body, so the practitioner becomes more balanced, calm, collected, and in harmony.

Movement Meditation (Movazeneh ®)

Some practices in this app include a movement meditation called Movazeneh®. Movazeneh® was created by the Sufi Masters, Professor Sadegh Angha and Professor Nader Angha and is comprised of slow concentrated movements that bring the practitioner’s attention to a laser point focus, and aligns the flow of energy within the body.

Backed by Research

Check out the studies and research done on Tamarkoz and its techniques.